The EU-XCEL Project


  • Increase the number of incubator-ready tech entrepreneurs across Europe
  • Encourage cross-European entrepreneurship collaboration across the digital economy
  • Develop a network of tech-creative physical and virtual entrepreneurship spaces across Europe
  • Prototype and roll-out an EU-XCEL Virtual Accelerator platform of tools and supports to empower teams to develop real products of promise
  • Provide fast-track access to new markets through networking and pitching opportunities in new countries
  • Incentivize and inspire the next generation to pursue professional careers in tech-entrepreneurship



  • Deliver a week-long intensive entrepreneurial training named “Start-up Scrum” across the six European countries of Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Poland and Spain
  • Provide online mentoring and technical supports to EU-XCEL teams to develop their start-up ideas through a bespoke European Virtual Accelerator
  • Select the best start-up scrum teams to compete in an EU-XCEL Ultimate Challenge Final where they will pitch to leading venture capitalists, angel investors and successful entrepreneurs


Ultimately, the EU-XCEL European Virtual Accelerator is seeking to identify and empower aspiring young tech entrepreneurs to become ‘incubator ready’ with real products of promise in the areas of:

  • Internet of Things;
  • Health Informatics;
  • Big Data
  • ICT4Development;
  • Predictive Analytics; and
  • E-/M-Commerce.