After the EU-XCEL Finals, Drive-Brands got selected from Spanish Startup Program in order to go to Belgium and work on Drive-brands. After that stay, they started working on marketing while the App and Dashboard were being made. They created a Growth Hacking campaign and get  more than 350 Drivers. That got the attention of media and they interviewed Ioritz Hidalgo Calero, one of the co-founders, from one of the Spanish best Economic magazine (

Thanks to that interview, they met a need partner of stickers and closed a partnership with them. Also they got in touch with some media houses because that wanted to incorporate their services. After that, the main co-founders thought that they should change the team because the IT part was not progressing that fast as planned, and they finally replaced a team member.

Now, they have more than 650 drivers in Spain, a few companies that want to test their products and a functional Dashboard that shows campaigns. They are fixing bugs of the app, and as soon as they finish the app, they will be on the market.