How will I co-found a team?

How will I co-found a team?

December 3, 2015 7:07 pm

EU-XCEL assists and supports all participants in co-founding a team that maximises their skill sets in a startup area they are passionate about.   Participants will provide a short introductory pitch early in the scrum so everyone gets some further background on who is present and what their startup interests are.  Focused sessions on team formation pointers and tips will be organised throughout your startup scrum to help with this process and on-site EU-XCEL mentors and advisors will also be there to offer advice as participants commence the process of co-founding startup teams.

Every participant will also be asked to provide a short introductory profile in advance of the scrum and participants are also encouraged to introduce and interact with one another through their online scrum forum so participants should arrive at their scrum having some information about their scrum group prior to kick-off.  A networking event is arranged on the Sunday evening of arrival at for all participants to meet informally and ‘break the ice’ prior to the official launch of the scrum scheduled on Monday. 

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