What type of people typically apply for EU-XCEL?

What type of people typically apply for EU-XCEL?

December 3, 2015 7:10 pm

EU-XCEL attracted lots of attention from aspiring young entrepreneurs across Europe in 2015 with hundreds of applications received over just a short six week period.  While EU-XCEL is open to all with an interest in co-founding new international tech startups, the majority of our applicants are either recent graduates (i.e. graduated within the preceding five years) or are close to graduation (i.e. within 18 months of graduation) and have a strong and proven interest in entrepreneurship (i.e. have participated in startup courses/events, have already set up companies).  Direct entrepreneurial experience or exposure to business development/startup environments through professional/education placements is also a strong advantage.

As an ICT focused initiative, the programme favours those who an ICT education/work background but we also accept many participants from business development/marketing/management and wider subject disciplines such as health, social sciences and medicine (but with strong interests in startup development) to complement the skills of the ICT participants and ensure well rounded skill sets across teams to develop and roll-out strong market products.

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