Poznan Science and Technology Park

InQbator, that is a department of Poznan Science and Technology Park, supports the development of innovative or tech start-ups, as well as business ideas. For years the InQbator team has shared their knowledge and experience with their clients as to make the dreams of opening up a new business a reality.

The day they started they supported 16 tenants. A year later, the number grew to 36. A total of seven years of work, over a hundred companies graduated from their InQbation program. Those graduates contribute intensively to the local growth, e.g. creating new jobs (the current tenants employ approx. 300 people).

Since the very beginning InQbator supported actively young business ideas providers – mainly students, graduates and researchers. They help them with the development of their careers, including the classess on entrepreneurship they run on two of local universities or course of entrepreneurial mindset. They also support the development of their business ideas, particularly in the areas of coaching, seed funding and going international. A few thousand people have already been supported with those services.

InQbator’s efforts have been recognized on the international scale when they won the award “Best Science Based Incubator 2009” in the category “Most Promising New Incubator”.