Technical University of Denmark

What is DTU Skylab?


DTU Skylab is a melting pot for student innovation, entrepreneurship and company contact with 1500 m2 of manned workshops and office facilities which can be used for free. It is located on campus of the Technical university of Denmark (DTU) next to the science park Scion, not far from Copenhagen, and is a vibrant, experimental space where creativity and entrepreneurial spirit flow.

There are three focus areas:

  • External collaboration: Cooperation between students and companies, cities and other external partners.
  • Academia: Merging the eco-system with courses, collaboration with teachers, introducing the students to the facilities and possibilities.
  • Startups: Offering facilities, coaching/advise, networking and events.


At DTU Skylab the staff can give the students advise within business development, ip/rights, technology and product development. They can take part and use of the extended network and find out to whom and where to go in specific situations. The beautiful as well as practical physical spaces are ideal for events, and events are ideal for the eco-system. They come in all kinds and from all kinds of organizations – including DTU Skylab’s own.


When the right match appears DTU Skylab nourish deeper partnerships with student organizations, companies, other incubation environments in and outside of Denmark, university research departments etc.




Kristoffer Buch

Project Manager

Mobile: +45 21 18 00 63