2015 EU-XCEL participants discuss the benefits

“It’s one thing to learn about entrepreneurship but it’s a different thing now to have the time and the team and do it in practice.  In EU-XCEL, your skills are truly put to the test.  It’s an an incredibly valuable experience.”  

Thomas, Business Analyst, Hungary


“I met great guys.  I’ve even started working with some other guys in the programme on new projects.  Working with the mentors changed the way I think because every time I spoke with them, they challenged my ideas in ways I hadn’t experienced before.”  

Nick, Industrial Designer, Greece


“I feel it will be a lot easier to approach different markets in different countries having been part of this experience.  For me, it’s possibly the most important benefit I’ve experienced.”

Artur, Computer Scientist, Poland


“For me, I really learned how to present myself and my ideas in a way that connects to people.  Knowing how to do that is life-changing.  It creates possibilities for sharing your ideas and creating things that don’t exist otherwise.  It’s been a major thing for me.”

Jay, Electrical Engineer, Spain


“It really made me develop a whole other level of drive for creating a startup  I learned so much and I’m still in contact with so many of the people I met.  All of a sudden, I have all these contacts with crucial skills in different countries.  That’s really cool.  It makes me feel really confident about working with other entrepreneurs internationally.” 

Martin, Computer Engineer, Germany


“It’s great to meet very talented people from different backgrounds, not just now – but for the future too.  This could be really valuable and its a crucial step in starting anything.  It’s super helpful if you have contacts with a diverse set of talents in your network adn this need was totally met for me in the EU-XCEL programme.”

Phillip, Marketing, Denmark



“I can’t praise it enough.  It’s been brilliant.  If I’m being completely honest, the scrum week was one of the best weeks of my life.  Just being in a room with so many people who have the same drive and interest.  You also have the international aspect too.”

Karen, Computer Scientist, Ireland